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Art Gallery

An all-inclusive gallery of photographs I have taken, as well as graphics I have completed for various outlets.



Reach out today to see how Neufie Digital can get your brand noticed online!


Give them a follow on Facebook if you aren't already! Penner Speedway is an action-packed event, located just outside of La Crete, AB, with races held about 4-6 times per summer as weather permits.



Per photo (minimum 4 photos, not including NHL photos) ~ Contact for bulk photo pricing options


Minimum charge


Want your minor hockey game covered by me? Split the total between the entire team! A full gallery of non-watermarked images will be shared with the team.


Straight-time hockey games (i.e. Loggers & Truckers, Challenge Cup, etc) which are typically shorter than standard format games


Do you have an upcoming tournament or event that you would like covered? Reach out and we can discuss details and I can provide you with a custom quote!

If you would like to purchase a photo that is not yet available for purchase, make a request through the chat!

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